Lea Louder


Conductor Biography

The Boeing Employees' Concert band is currently under the direction of Lea Louder.  

Lea Louder first started her career as a music educator teaching beginning band to 5th and 6th graders and as the Assistant Band Director at the high school level in the Francis Howell School District in Saint Charles, Missouri.  When she left the public school system, and joined the Boeing Company in St. Louis, she served as the Director for the Boeing Employees Music Club Concert band for 15 years.  Later, relocating to the Puget Sound region, Lea joined the Boeing Employees Concert Band as an oboe player and alto saxophonist and served as the Assistant Conductor for several years.  Lea is honored to have been selected as Conductor for the group in 2022.  Lea holds a Master of Arts in music education from Truman State University.  She also enjoys leading children's music ministries at church in her free time when not working as a Governance, Risk, and Compliance manager at a tech company in Seattle.



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